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 What if you are charged with OVI (DUI)?

OVI (DUI) is a serious matter in Ohio, and such a charge can send you to jail, impact your job, your family and your social status. It can create serious financial hardship and limit (or revoke) your privilege to drive in Ohio.  The lawyers at Denman & Lerner, LPA, here in Mentor, Ohio, are skilled, experienced and knowledgeable defenders of those who have been charged with OVI (DUI) and related charges.

 Will/Can your OVI (DUI) Charge Be Reduced? 

Most people believe that a first offense OVI/DUI charge in Ohio will automatically be reduced to the amended charge of Reckless Operation. This is untrue. Although, depending on a number of considerations, the attorneys at Denman & Lerner Co., LPA, here in Mentor, Ohio, have had past successes in achieving such a result.

These considerations include, among others:  the prosecutor’s attitude toward the evidence in your case; the Judge’s position; the basic facts (and circumstances) of your case; your background and history, etc.

There are, of course, many more considerations that will be relevant and important to mention when we meet with the prosecutor to discuss your case. However, do not assume that having a low breath test and your cooperative and friendly attitude will guarantee that your charge will be reduced. Many courts have a strict policy of “no reductions.” That is why having a skilled, experienced attorney like those here at Denman & Lerner,  LPA on your side is a must.

Can I be charged with OVI (DUI) while operating a Boat?

Without question. Drinking and Boating don’t mix. Operating a boat while under the influence is no different than operating a motor vehicle, bike or tractor while impaired. The lawyers at Denman & Lerner, LPA, in Mentor, Ohio (located on the shores of Lake Erie),have handled numerous “Boating Under the Influence” charges and can help keep you out of jail and on get you back on the water.

You took the Breath Test—can we fight your OVI (DUI)?

We always fight for our clients.  The attorneys at Denman & Lerner, LPA have done OVI (DUI) trials involving a blood, breath or urine test being admitted into (and excluded from) evidence; but, be aware, not every attorney listed under the OVI (DUI) section is competent to fight for you.   Do you want someone representing you who has never tried a case?  Breath test cases are not easy to fight and they generally require the attorney to have knowledge of the instrument that you blew into and familiarity with the Ohio Department of Health regulations.

Your paperwork says you took an HGN test?

What is HGN? Why did I have to take it? What is its significance? HGN stands for Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus; and a Nystagmus is defined as “an involuntary rapid movement of the eyeball, which may be horizontal, vertical, rotator or mixed.  Ohio courts have held that the HGN test is an accepted indicator of impairment because, alcohol slows down the eyes ability to rapidly track objects and causes to eyes to oscillate or jerk before they normally would in a sober person.  It is believed that alcohol stimulates the nerve endings making Nystagmus more pronounced in impaired individuals. Therefore, the courts in Ohio accept the premise that a person’s eyes will “jerk” sooner as they move to the side as their blood alcohol concentration increases,

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tells law enforcement that if the officer administers the HGN according the standardized procedures established by NHTSA then the officer can correctly identify persons who are likely to test over the legal limit in Ohio.

OVI (DUI) Accidents

If you are accused of being involved in an accident while impaired, and someone was injured or even killed, you need to be able to rely on the guidance of skilled, experienced and knowledgeable attorneys. Our Mentor, Ohio, law firm has over ____ decades of experience protecting the rights of clients that faced OVI (DUI) accident charges, and have obtained many favorable outcomes.

The DUI Defense attorneys at Denman & Lerner, LPA have experience in the defense of clients charged with Aggravated vehicular assault (with an OVI/DUI component) to involuntary vehicular manslaughter (with an OVI/DUI component).I

OVI (DUI) and Drugs

If you are charged with a Drug related OVI(DUI) charge you may  face such serious penalties as prison time. It is imperative that you secure the representation of an experienced and reliable attorney. If you trust your defense to our skilled, experienced and knowledgeable attorneys here in Mentor, Ohio,you will receive the benefit of decades of experience.

The attorneys at Denman & Lerner, LPA have been able to successfully challenge blood, urine and Breathalyzer/breath tests, resulting in our clients remaining free from incarceration and secure from the loss of driving privileges. We not only provide the necessary legal skills to represent you, we have a team of treatment professionals that we can call on to help you.

Additionally, our experienced drug charges defense attorneys can also help you with any other drug crimes you may be facing as a result of you stop. This may include such charges as: drug trafficking, distribution, possession, cultivation, etc.

Can you be charged with OVI (DUI) because you are taking prescribed medications?

Yes. If you are operating a motor vehicle in the state of Ohio while impaired as a result of ingesting any drug, you are subject to being charged with OVI (DUI). The charges-and penalties- are the same as those for OVI (DUI) due to the consumption of alcoholic beverages; and the attorneys at Denman & Lerner, LPA here in Mentor, Ohio,  can help.

What if you hold an Ohio Commercial Driver’s License?

If you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), chances are you rely upon your ability to get operate a motor vehicle so you can pay your bills. The attorneys at Denman & Lerner, LPA here in Mentor, Ohio, understand that driving is your life– and you livelihood; we appreciate that our need a skilled and experienced attorneys to “pull out all the stops”   and  do everything possible to help you keep your license and your job.

Ohio recently amended its statutes to provide that if you have a CDL, and you are arrested for a OVI (DUI) in a regular vehicle, you will face sanctions for your commercial driver’s license that include a disqualification of your CDL for  up to one-year.

We have the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to  thoroughly investigate all aspects of your case—from the appropriateness (and legality) of your initial stop to the admissibility of the physical “field” sobriety tests, breath tests, etc. –and help you from the disqualification of your commercial driver’s license.

What if your Underage Child is charged with OVI (DUI)?

If your child has been arrested for underage OVI (DUI), you likely have many concerns as a parent.  What are the potential penalties?  How will this affect your son/daughter’s future?  How can you avoid future problems with underage drinking and driving offenses?  Our Mentor, Ohio law office addresses your questions honestly and goes to work immediately to protect your child’s interest.

What are the penalties associated with a charge of Underage OVI(DUI)?

The penalties for “underage consumption” and Underage OVI (DUI) can be severe.  Minors found to be operating a vehicle while driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .02 percent or higher (but less than .08 percent) will be charged with Operating a Vehicle after Underage Consumption.  Underage drinking and driving offenses carry penalties of up to 30 days in jail, a $250 fine and a license suspension of 90 days or up to two years (for a first offense) as well as a conviction on their criminal record and up to four traffic violation points on their driving records.

Although the prosecution may make you a plea offer, you should strongly consider the implications of the plea.  Most initial plea bargains offered to juveniles not represented by a lawyer will still involve a conviction on their criminal record. We at Denman & Lerner, LPA are concerned about each and every one of our client.  We will work hard to protect your child’s interests.

What defenses does my child have?

Our attorneys focus their concern on each individual client because we know how important your child’s case is to you and your family.  We will address your concerns and questions straightforward and honestly.  Our Mentor, Ohio law office attorneys will immediately begin to protect your child.  Our attorneys are experienced and skilled in these matters, and will pursue every avenue and option available to securing the best possible result for your child—and your family.

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