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Denman & Lerner has extensive experience as Ohio workers’ compensation attorneys in Ohio. You are generally entitled to compensation for any injury or illness that occurs while you are working. Because this is an area of the law about which there are many misconceptions, it is crucial that you hire a workers compensation attorney with specific experience in handling workers’ compensation claims. Our firms work injury attorneys have vast experience handling workers’ compensation claims and appeals both at the administrative and court levels.

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1.     You must notify your supervisor immediately.  If you are a union member, promptly contact your union steward.  Mention your injury to any fellow employees that are nearby even if they did not witness the injury.

2.     If you are able, you should complete a written accident report with the employer.  This is mandatory if required by the employer, but should be done even if not required by company policy.

3.     You must seek medical care immediately.  Go either to the company physician or to a doctor of your own choice.  Often a local emergency room or urgent care facility is your best choice.

4.     You must give the medical provider all of the facts.  Make sure that you are being listened to and that the doctor and nurses understand you.  Do not guess if you are unsure about a fact.

5.     Do not hide any facts about previous injuries or problems.  Getting caught in a lie will always hurt more than the truth.

6.     You must comply with any requests by the employer for a drug test if it is written company policy and you have been provided a copy of the policy.

7.     After you return home, make notes of the names of any witnesses and what they saw or heard and also make a record of all of the people who you told about your injury.

8.     You must follow up with medical care in a timely fashion, preferably with a doctor of your choice who has experience with workers’ compensation.

9.     If the doctor is going to remove you from work, you should be taken out of work for a period of at least fourteen days if the injury is serious enough to disable you.  You must report all periods of disability to the employer in accordance with company policy.

10.     Contact Denman & Lerner’s Workers Compensation Attorneys as soon as possible.


What type of injuries will Ohio Workers’ Compensation Cover?

Ohio Workers’ Compensation covers nearly any injury that occurs while you are on the job.  Ohio Workers’ Compensation can also cover occupational diseases, like carpel tunnel syndrome, that occur over time, even when there is not a specific accident.  Also, Ohio Workers’ Compensation can cover injuries that occur over time because of something that you are exposed to at work, like a shoulder injury that occurs over time because of constant overhead reaching.  Finally, Ohio Workers’ Compensation can cover pre-existing injuries or conditions that are substantially aggravated by a work injury or by exposure to a certain type of work activity that you are doing for your employer.

Can I receive benefits so I can get treatment for the depression?

Ohio Workers’ Compensation, and the  Mentor Ohio Workers Compensation Attorneys at Denman & Lerner, can get you benefits for a psychological condition that you are suffering from that arises from the physical injury that is allowed in your Ohio Workers’ Compensation claim.  However, in order to get benefits from a psychological injury that occurs at work, you must also have suffered a physical injury while on the job.


Will I receive my lost wages if I get hurt at work at cannot do my job?

The Attorneys at Denman & Lerner can help you get lost wages when you are unable to work because of your work injury.  In order to receive lost wages your doctor must complete the proper state forms and your wage rates must be set with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation or the self-insured employer.  If the proper forms are not completed by your doctor and if your wage rates are not set, you will not get paid.  Denman & Lerner can help make sure you get the lost wages you deserve.


How long to I have to file my Ohio Workers’ Compensation Claim?

You have two years from the date you were injured at work to file your claim.  In certain cases, you can file your Ohio Workers’ Compensation claim within two years of finding out that you have sustained an injury or within two years of the date that you first become disabled due to the work injury.  Call the Attorneys at Denman & Lerner so you can immediately start your Ohio Workers’ Compensation claim.  If you fail to start the claim within the proper time limit, you cannot receive benefits for your work injury.


My claim has been denied by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, what can I do?  

If you claim has been denied by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, you must contact the Attorneys at Denman & Lerner immediately.  You will have a limited period of time from the date that you receive the notice denying the claim to file an appeal.  If you fail to file an appeal within the proper amount of time, you will lose your right to obtain benefits.  At Denman & Lerner we take pride in being able to win claims for injured workers that were denied by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation or self-insured employer.


I lost my claim at the Industrial Commission and my attorney said he won’t appeal the decision, is there anything I can do?

Yes there is.  The Workers Compensation Attorneys at Denman & Lerner routinely appeal cases that are lost by injured workers at the Industrial Commission.  The appeal is most often filed in the Common Pleas Court in the county where the injured worker was injured.  Most cases that are appealed to Common Pleas Court are either won or settled for a cash settlement.  Call the Attorneys at Denman & Lerner if you lost your claim at the Industrial Commission of Ohio.


I have an old Ohio Workers’ Compensation Claim.  Are there any benefits I can receive if I am no longer treating?

At Denman & Lerner we are able to quickly look at any old Ohio Workers’ Compensation Claims that you have and determine whether we can get you any benefits from the claim or possibly settle the claim for a cash settlement.  In most cases, if a claim is still open, the Attorneys at Denman & Lerner can get you cash benefits for you old Workers’ Compensation claims.

Does it cost me any fees up front to hire a Workers Compensation Attorney from Denman & Lerner?

No it does not.  The initial consultation is always free and there are no attorney fees paid in an Ohio Workers’ Compensation claim unless the Workers Compensation Attorneys at Denman & Lerner are able to obtain cash benefits for you.  If no cash benefits are obtained, no attorney fees are ever due when the Attorneys at Denman & Lerner represent you on your claim.


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