“I want to personally thank both Mr. Lerner and Loretta for all your hard work.  I am so happy that I can now get the treatment needed for my back injury that I got at work.  I get my back brace tomorrow.  I am so excited, my doctor is going to now be able to refer me to a spinal specialist.  Yah!  Again, I want to thank you both for everything that you have done for me.”  -Marie H.


“I want to thank Michael Lerner and his staff for the wonderful job that they did on my car accident case.  When I first got in the accident, I thought I would be able to handle the claim myself.  After trying to settle the claim I realized that I could not get enough money to pay my medical bills.  The accident happened in California.  I met with Mr. Lerner and he took my case.  I was so thrilled when he was able to get the case settled, get all of my medical bills paid, and I got compensation for my injury too!” -Paul C.


“I contacted Mr. Lerner after I had heart problems from a drug that I was taking.  He took my case and was able to reach a settlement for over 700,000.00.  He cared about me.  He made sure I was treated fair.” -Carolyn R.


“Thank you Mr. Lerner for helping me with my work injury case.  I never thought I would be able to get treatment for the ankle injury after the Bureau kept denying all of my treatment.  Because of your hard work I have been able to get treatment and I really appreciate the cash award that you got me.  I had no idea that my old work injury claim could get me benefits.” – Lenny N.


“Michael, I want to personally thank you for the work you did on my case against Metro Hospital.  The whole event was a nightmare.  You helped me and my wife get through it all and the settlement was able to help us get out from the debt we were in.  You explained the medical malpractice issues to us.  It helped us get through the process.  Thank you for helping my family.” -Ron M.


“I would highly recommend John Salem as a divorce attorney. He handled my divorce when my wife and I separated and it became clear that we would have trouble agreeing on custody, property division and support issues.  I found his style to be very compassionate and personal – just what I would hope for during such a painful event in my life.  My divorce was handled with aggressive representation when needed and John was always available to address any questions or concerns I had.” -Steve H.


“John Salem did a great job with my bankruptcy case and helped relieve a ton of stress that I had about all of my debts.  John personally came to court for my meeting of creditors and was always available to answer all of my questions, both before and after court.  I was able to get rid of thousands of dollars of debt and now my wife and I can get on with our lives.  I would definitely recommend John if you are drowning in debt like I was.” -Jim M.


“I would recommend Denman & Lerner to anyone thinking about bankruptcy.  John explained the entire process for me, including the pros and cons of filing bankruptcy.  He even was able to deal with some nasty creditors on my behalf and was always available when I needed him.  I never felt like I was being judged or disrespected and that meant a lot.  John was right on the money when he told me a huge weight would be lifted off my shoulders – it was.” – Roger P.


“Jim Loiacono and the Denman & Lerner law firm took my OVI (DUI) case when it appeared to be hopeless.  Their hard work was immediately evident. Jim and his associates are skillful, aggressive and knowledgeable, and their work resulted in a more than favorable result with the charges being severely reduced.  I personally could not be happier with my decision to go with the Denman & Lerner! I highly recommend anyone having criminal problems to give them a try.  I wasn’t disappointed, and I am sure you won’t be either.” – James Jones, Painesville, Ohio


“When I lost my wife, Jim Loiacono and the attorneys at the Denman & Lerner law firm worked extremely hard on her estate to achieve the best possible results and save me money that I certainly didn’t have to burn.  They were understanding, compassionate and always took the time to answer my questions. It was very helpful to have their support and comfort in a time like that.” – Michael D’Aquila, Perry, Ohio


“We trusted Jim Loiacono to handle everything when our daughter was killed in a car accident. He not only took care of every detail; he answered every question; he patiently explained  what was going to happen to us, when it would happen, and what we could expect to happen; and, he  was always there to provide us with the  emotional support that we needed the most. We can never thank him enough.” – Gary and Diana McNulty, Perry, Ohio


“Our minor son suffered a debilitating brain injury as the result of a tragic automobile accident. Thankfully, he lived, but the economic pressure of caring for our son was enormous. Around the clock care and constant attention was required. Jim Loiacono fought for us. He fought for ten years to secure the compensation and benefits we needed to provide the proper care for our son. He was not just our lawyer; he was our counselor and friend. We can never thank him enough. We would not hesitate, even for a second, to recommend him to anyone. We have already referred a number of friends and family members to him, and they’re  happy we did.” – Tim and Nancy Steele, Perry Township, Ohio


“I am not a litigious person, but I became one. Why? Because an impossible, devastating, crushing loss—the careless and negligent medical care provided by people who should have been more careful, more diligent–took my husband (and father) from us. In the depths of my grief, I held onto two truths: the person we lost mattered greatly, and there had been no reckoning, no learning, nothing that convinced me that the same thing wouldn’t happen again to somebody else. I researched the available legal help, and I did not want the usual “ambulance chasers,” or “pretenders.” I wanted experienced, skilled, fair and ethical representation. I hired Jim Loiacono, and neither my daughter or I have ever regretted the decision. Gently and kindly, with total professionalism, he guided my case to an extraordinary outcome. I am forever grateful for his tireless efforts.” – Jennifer Williams, North Perry, Ohio

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